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Duckbill Anchors

tree systemTree Guy Systems

Unsupported trees often end up growing slower or are simply knocked over and killed by the wind. DUCKBILL® Tree Guy Systems are perfect for keeping trees vertical and limiting motion, letting the roots establish themselves for quicker, healthier growth.

  • Easy, Safe Installation
  • More Trees Anchored per hour
  • Professional Appearance


Duck Bill root kitRoot Ball System

When the guy systems are not possible or desirable, such as in playgrounds, parks, or where sidewalk plantings are required, use the DUCKBILL Root Ball Kit. It is specifically designed to hold the tree’s root ball firmly in place, with only the tree protruding above the ground. Each Root Ball Kit comes with 3 DUCKBILL anchors with D-ring and 1 strap with hand ratchet.

- No Unsightly Poles or Stakes
- Fast, Easy Installation
- Completely Underground



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