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Turf Reinforcement

Series II Soil Stabilization Anchor System

No Digging or Excavation.
No Soil Disturbance.
Anchor Load Tested to Capacity Desired.
Fast Installation.

Labor and time saving drive-type DUCKBILL® earth anchors are composed of corrosion resistant aluminum alloy to give the ultimate mechanical strength and extreme durability for a variety of soil stabilization applications. Our anchors offer a wide range of solutions for light to medium applications. Each solution can be customized to meet your specific needs and the installation process involves 3 simple steps: drive, load and set. 

Combining the technology of the world’s leading drive-type anchor with the world’s leading wire and cable fastening company, Foresight Products introduces the SERIES II Soil Stabilization Anchor System. Guaranteed field installed anchor system holding capacity. Learn more about anchor holding capacities.

Plate with Stop Button: For this assembly the anchor is connected to a stainless steel cable which attaches to a UV protective plastic disc. The anchors, used as a tie down, are terminated with a hand crimping tool after load locking the anchor above the plate.

Wire Vise: The Wire Vise assembly includes aluminum plated with heat treated nickel components which are flush to fit the 1/8 in (3.2mm) stainless steel cable. Once secured to the cable, the Wire Vise only has movement one way and secures the plate to the mat.

MacLean Power Grip: MCP introduces the MPG Soil Stabilization anchor system with guaranteed field installed anchor systems holding capacity.

Rods with Plates: MCP provides assemblies for secure fastening of combination solutions and hard armoring. This solution uses 3/8″ and 1/2″ diameter rods.



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