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Working with Interline Industrial Supplies

In order to ensure that MacLean Dixie’s products are installed to the same high standards that they are manufactured with, all our installers are certified through MacLean Power Systems. The certification process includes a classroom setting certification course, concluding with a written exam. This serves to educate the installer about the products they are installing, the proper installation techniques and guidelines, and different applications they can expect to encounter. In addition to the classroom certification course we also offer the following to our certified installers.

Working with Interline Industrial Supplies

  • Field training and support
  • Technical support
  • Design/Engineering assistance
  • Discounts on Equipment
  • Volume based discounts on helical products
  • Marketing assistance (i.e. product literature, website presence, and technical presentations)

Becoming an Installer

Looking to expand your company’s business with MacLean Dixie foundation products? Contact Interline Industrial Supplies today to schedule a meeting. During the initial meeting we will answer any questions you might have, show you around our facility, and introduce you to our product lines. In addition, we will find out what work you are currently involved in to ensure that we will make a good fit for each other.


Modern Supply Company

 Those interested to work with us in any field relate to our products are encouraged to contact us by way of telephone or e-mail by using the contact form to get more information information.



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