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Civil Engineering Applications

Civil Construction ApplicationsTypical Civil Construction Applications

Civil engineers chose MANTA RAY earth anchors to provide a variety of application uses, easy installation and ultimate holding capacity.

Block Walls: MANTA RAY tie backs allow minimum excavation for mechanically stabilized earth walls. This allows block/geogrid walls to be installed where excavation is not possible.

Seawalls: The anchoring of seawalls with MANTA RAY anchors eliminates expensive and complicated tie-back methods. Minimal, if any, excavation is required. 

Sheet Pile: MANTA RAY earth anchors provide overturning stability for the sheet piling versus structural piles driven into the bedrock. Cost savings can be substantial.

Pipelines: The compact and portable installation equipment allows MANTA RAY to be installed in locations normally inaccessible to traditional earth anchor methods.

Structures: As a specified supplier to the US Military, MANTA RAYS are specified to anchor rapid deployment relocatable structures and portable fabric structures.

Others: Timber Walls, Foundation Stabilization, Excavation Shoring, etc.

Erosion Control ApplicationsErosion Control Applications

Revetment Mat: MANTA RAY anchors provide critical points of anchoring stability on stream and shorelines to prevent water erosion using cellular concrete revetment matting. The anchors install easily through the openings in individual blocks. This system prevents lifting of mats and dangerous erosion under extreme flood conditions.

Reno Mattress: MANTA RAY earth anchors are used to anchor Reno Mattresses on sites where less depth and more surface area protection is required. Reno Mattresses are often used as flexible foundation slabs under gabions or may also be used as channel linings and revetment mats. 

Timber Walls: Rather than conventional timber deadmen, MANTA RAY anchors are used to provide proof loaded tie backs to insure permanent structural integrity with minimal excavation.

Gabions: The flexibility of the MANTA RAY system allows gabions to be installed on steep slopes. MANTA RAY anchors also stabilize embankments that are in need of repair and facilitate slop stabilization by securing geogrids, geotextiles and fiber mats.

Others: Log Revetments, Root Wads, etc.



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