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Marine Applications

Marine ApplicationsMarine Applications

MANTA RAY marine anchors are designed to drive into the ground at any desired angle. The anchor is driven into the ground by hydraulic hand-held jackhammers (breakers). There is no soil disturbance upon installation, as the soil around it is compacted when the anchor is driven. Installation and testing of MANTA RAY anchors is simultaneous.

The marine anchor system is designed to out perform current anchoring systems in:

- Field tested holding performance
- Speed of installation
- Total install cost

Mooring, Pipelines and Floating DocksMooring, Pipelines and Floating Docks

Floating Docks and Moorings: From the Great Barrier Reef to the Red Sea, MANTA RAY anchors are used to anchor moorings that help protect coral reefs and other natural resources. Now there is an environmentally friendly anchor system that installs easily underwater with conventional equipment for buoys, floating docks, man made reefs and more.

Pipelines: Prevent movement of underwater pipeline with the MANTA RAY anchor. Simple installation procedures equate to significant time and cost savings.



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