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Seaweed Beach Barriers

IIS- Seaweed Engineered Beach Barriers 

Interline Industrial Supply's (IIS) comprehensive, environmentally cautious approach allows IIS to adapt to the challenging needs to contain the growing Sargassum seaweed problem in the Atlantic. Sargassum, which has bloomed every year from 2011 to 2019, with the exception of 2013, and has been an environmental and financial burden on local businesses and governments ever since.

Our research into the Sargassum epidemic in Mexico and the Caribbean found the stench was unbearable, the removal equipment(backhoes, front-end loaders, and dump trucks) were very loud from 6 pm -6 am cleaning the beaches(not to mention labor and fuel costs). It is in abundance and produces a rotten-egg smell. Because of the substantial amount in the Atlantic, removal alone does not solve the problem and tourists are noticing.

 Our Seaweed booms - Beach Barriers - are engineered to stop & divert the flow of the seaweed.  

IIS Beach Barriers:

  • Deflect Sargassum, seagrass, and other invasive aquatic seaweeds
  • Protect beaches, tourism, and marine life. 
  • Useful to control floating trash and debris

Because these barriers are put in place to protect the beaches from the invasion, keeping them in place while not damaging the seabed has been an engineering challenge. Traditional anchoring systems, cement blocks or Danforth anchor kits not only disturb the seabed but can damage surrounding coral when strong currents drag them across the seafloor. They not only disturb the seafloor but require constant maintenance to keep them in place.

Danforth Anchoring Systems and Cement Blocks work for a short time until the current rises in force and starts to drag the anchor along the seafloor. Not only will they damage the seabed but will require divers to reset them in place in order to keep the booms at the desired distance from the beach. These systems are everything but cost-efficient and are not environmentally safe for the shorelines.   


  • Risk of destroying surrounding coral
  • Permanent seabed disturbance 
  • Slow and costly Installation & Maintenance

Interline Industrial Supply solves these complications with an anchoring system that is cost-efficient and environmentally sound.

Our Solution

Manta Ray’s anchoring system. Manta Ray anchors are driven into the seafloor leaving only a small swivel eye to secure the booms to. Because they are driven into the seafloor they will never drag or damage the seabed.


  • Minimal to no coral/seafloor disturbance
  • Field-tested holding performance
  • Speed of installation
  • Low install cost



 Interline is a HUB Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).



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