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About CTS

Concept Torque Solutions Inc. (CTS) is dedicated to producing equipment that offers a high standard of accuracy when measuring torque on screw / helical pile installations. With new technology for torque measurement, recording, testing and calibrating, we believe we have set a new industry standard that will change the way piles are installed on a global scale.

CTS offers two product configurations – the Torq Pin & Torq Hub - with a revolutionary new torque monitoring and data logging software that can fit any type of drive head. Where conventional hydraulic readings can be inaccurate by 30 - 50%, our systems offer true torque readings that are 99% accurate! The TORQ-PIN simply replaces your current drive connection pin with a new load cell. There is absolutely no loss of boom height which can occur with other systems. TORQ-HUB mounts directly to the output shaft of the drive head and offers a wireless connection to our display. It is a product tailored to the utility market (digger derricks), but has been appropriate for many civil construction jobs, as well.
  • Torque measurement from very accurate & reliable strain gages (99+% accuracy).
  • Systems available for all major OEM drive heads - up to 400,000 ft/lbs.
  • No longer reliant on notoriously inaccurate hydraulic pressure differential systems.
  • Patented (and patent pending) technology to eliminate the effects of perpendicular force on the strain gauges.
  • Inclinometer included in every system.
  • Calibration report with each Torq-Pin - proving accuracy claimed - traceable to NIST standards.
  • Calibrated in-house with various test beds with capabilities to 400,000 ft/lbs.
  • Durable, wired connection & battery powered wireless options
  • Electronics are completely sealed from the environment to IP67 requirements.
  • Torque signal output is digital - impervious to signal interference, unlike analogue systems
  • Microprocessor & RAM inside pinhead contains all calibration data for the pin - meaning the 7” display is literally - "plug and play".
  • Pins to replace all major drive head OEM's; Hubs for all sizes and shapes of output shafts.
  • Rugged, mil-spec electrical connections.
  • Report generation (PDF line chart and raw data files)  is embedded in the display and readily exported through a USB connection, or connect to an internet-enabled smartphone’s hotspot & email directly from the display.
  • Additionally, the PDF line chart will show depth as it is entered during the job. This will give the engineer a view of depth vs. torque on each pile. An optional handheld trigger is available which allows the operator (or his helper) to record depth during installation.
  • Free Apps for both Apple iOS & Android are available from iTunes or Google Play to remotely view job data on a smartphone.


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