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Steel Push Piers

Resistance Pier System

Push piers, often referred to as resistance piers, are an excellent foundation repair solution for settling foundations. They are driven deep into the soil to lift and support weak foundations for commercial buildings, brick structures, and residential homes.

There are limitations that put push piers at a disadvantage when compared to helicals. The biggest downside is with its weight requirement. Push piers are not ideal for lighter loads. If the mass is lighter, like a 1-story home or garage, it will not provide enough resistance to push the pier to capacity. Some foundation companies opt to use this system for commercial buildings instead of homes because of their weight.

Permanence is another limitation of push piers.

These pier types are compression-fit. This means each pier uses the weight of the building to press and fit the pipes together. They cannot be removed or relocated once installed. If you were to build an addition to your home, these piers would not be movable to adapt with the addition. Instead, you would have to add more piers to support the added weight.

Other limitations for push piers includes:

  • Inability to use broken footings. Push piers are not a repair option if the foundation footings are cracked or broken.
  • Piers can only be installed vertically. Bowing walls may require piers be installed at an angle. Push piers can only be installed vertically due to their compression-fit design.


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