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NovaTuff PC-400

Flexible Epoxy Protective Coating


NovaTuff PC-400 is a tough, self-priming and flexible protective coating for a metal of all types. It is an 83% solid Polyamide epoxy resin used in various applications where chemical resistance is required.


NovaTuff PC-400 is highly resistant to acids, solvents, caustics, hydrocarbons, saltwater, and freshwater.  It was developed to withstand extreme corrosive and abrasive conditions with excellent outdoor durability.

Application Areas:

NovaTuff PC-400 is excellent as an anti-corrosive protective coating for the interior and exterior of tanks, pipelines, vats, railcars, metal structures, and more. It can even be used under constant spillage and highly abrasive applications. NovaTuff PC-400 can be used in damp areas that may prevent the use of other coatings.


Surfaces should be free of mill scale, oil, paint, films, grease, soluble salts, and other contaminants.  Sandblasting to white metal is necessary in some cases.  Latinate and other loosely bound materials should be removed to provide a solid bonding surface.

The preparation procedures above are general guidelines. Detailed preparation methods are available through SSPC at www.sspc.org or 412-281-2331 or NACE at www.nace.org or 281- 228-6200.


The mixing of Part A and B is very important! The mixing of Part A and B is very important!  Material is supplied in two containers as a unit.

Agitate part B separately before combining the two parts when not mixing a complete unit. NovaTuff PC-400 has a mixing ratio of 3 parts “B” to 1 part “A” (3:1).  Use a jiffy mixer to thoroughly combine both parts and mix for 5 minutes. Allow idle activation time for at least 10 minutes.


If thinning is necessary with NovaTuff PC-400, thin no more than 1 pint of Xylene per 1 gallon of epoxy. Thinner extends pot life and curing time. Do not add thinner until the activation is completed.


Apply NovaTuff PC-400 with a brush, 3/8″ nap roller cover, or airless sprayer. Surface configuration, weather, or area surroundings will dictate the application method. Apply only when the air temperature is 40° F and rising.


To get a dry film of: Apply Sq. Ft. / Gallon
6 mils 200 Sq. Ft.
12 mils 100 Sq. Ft.

DO NOT apply product heavier than 100-sq. ft. per gallon per coat (16 wet mil). Several coats may be necessary in building up a heavy tank lining.  For heavier film, apply additional coats.  Additional coats must be applied as soon as the surface is tack free or within 36 hours.


Application equipment should be cleaned immediately with Xylene.  Use Apple Cider Vinegar to clean hands and skin.  Do not allow NovaTuff PC-400 to remain on tools!  Once it sets and is cured, it is extremely difficult to remove.

Curing Time:  

  • Pot Life:  2hrs @ 80 ºF
  • Drying Time:  6 hrs @ 80 ºF
  • Complete:  48 hrs @ 80 ºF


4-gallon units:

  • One 3 gal can full containing Base  (Part “B”)
  • 1 gal can full containing Activator  (Part “A”)

20-gallon units:

  • Four 6 gal cans containing 3-3/4 gal of  Base (Part “B”)
  • One 6 gal can containing 5 gal of Activator (Part “A”)

Testing and Misc:

  • Colors: NovaTuff Standard Colors (Gray or Tan)
  • Solids content: 83% Solids
  • Mixing Ratio:  3 parts “B” to 1 part “A” (3:1)
  • Adhesion-Pull-Off (D4541): Steel: 100% adhesive failure @ 2335 psi
  • Impact Resistance (D2794): 56 inch lbs. direct – passed
  • Abrasion Resistance (ASTM D4060): Taber abraser CS-17 calibrase wheel at 4000 cycles with 2.1 mils wear and .42 grams lost.
  • Compression (C579-96):  2,500 psi – passed
  • Pencil Hardness (D3363): 5H – passed
  • Flexibility (ASTM D522): 3/4″ Mandrel Bend – Passed
  • Dry Heat Resistance (ASTM D522):  200°F
  • Salt-Fog Testing (ASTM B-117): 5000 hrs.- pass (ASTM D610 Rating 10 for rust, ASTM D714 Rating 10 for blistering)
  • Food Contact FDA 21-CFR 175-300 Compliant

Shelf Life and Storage Conditions:

NovaTuff PC-400 has a 12 month shelf life if unopened and stored between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not allow products to freeze.



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